"Going to MAD has helped be tremendously through my years of being a student athlete. The summer after my senior year, I had no idea what I needed to do to be prepared for what was ahead of me, but Bryan helped me through all of that. He got me to the point where I knew how hard I needed to work to become the player I wanted to be. He is always able to help add or drop weight if need be. He really does know what he is talking about- he is as knowledgeable about sports performance as my college sports performance coaches, who are some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the field. He is always there for you when you need anything and has become like a second older brother to me. I'm not sure if I would have made it that first season without the help I got from Bryan in the summer before. Thank you for all that you do for everyone!"

- Jesse S., D-1 College Athlete

"We became part of the MAD family after being referred by many satisfied friends. What Bryan does for young athletes is truly amazing. My son has achieved all his goals in regards to speed & strength with Bryan. However, my favorite part as a parent is what he teaches them about goal setting, injury prevention and performing with grace. The skills they are learning at MAD will help them on & off the field. When I asked a car full of boys on the way to a workout what they liked about Bryan & Joyce, the response was "They really care about us!""

- Lisa A., Parent

"It is no exaggeration to say that Mills Athletic Deveopment has positively changed my life.  I walked in off the street knowing nothing of the facility or of Bryan Mills.  I spoke to Bryan at length and was quickly impressed.  His knowledge of the human body and of movement is astounding.  I was an amateur adult lifter who was muddling around with a mediocre program before Bryan's help. With his programming and counsel, I have not only attained every goal, but absolutely shattered them and pushed beyond. He successfully identified, and has been successfully addressing physiological issues of which I was scarcely aware, yet affected my overall fitness profoundly. I have learned to trust his programming and knowledge absolutely. Bryan has become far more than a strength coach or trainer- he and Joyce have become true friends and partners in my fitness quest.  It is difficult to articulate precisely how tremendously positive my experience at M.A.D. has been, or how much of an upgrade it is over a conventional gym. Allow me to simply say that my job requires me to be physically fit, and several of my co-workers have joined M.A.D. based off of my testimony and obvious positive results- surely the best testimonial of all. With Bryan's help, for the first time ever, I have, as his slogan says, begun to train smarter and create victory."

- Victor T., Adult Client

"They say there is something good that comes from every bad experience.  I did not know what good could possibly be from an ACL tear to a 15 year old female athlete.  Today, I like to think, the good was meeting Bryan Mills.  We would never have met Bryan had it not been for the need for post-rehab training.  We credit him (as well as her dogged determination) for our daughter's amazing return to the field.  Not only did he ensure she was ready physically but mentally as well.  He monitored her strength, nutrition and mental attitude, constantly offering encouragement along with the challenge.  The result has been a stronger player - mentally and physically-who is now committed to play at the collegiate level.  We started at MAD - expecting it to be a short term relationship-until her return to the field, and have found huge benefits by staying with him for the past three years.  Recommending Bryan and his program is an easy thing to do!"

- Beth K., Parent

"Bryan Mills is not only extremely skilled in athletic development but is the most intelligent person I know when it comes to understanding the physics of the human body. He has been right on with any injury or issue that my boys who train with him have had throughout the years. More than a trainer though, he is a mentor and a friend to them. He genuinely looks out for his clients' physical and mental health- taking into account everything that is going on in their day, week or month before planning out their workout. As a parent, nothing feels better than knowing someone is looking out for the best interest of your child."

- Susan O., Parent

"Mills Athletic Development is more than just any old gym. This place has become a haven for me. You are not forced to impress anyone, push to your breaking point, or even show up more than twice a week, if you cant fit it in your schedule. However, every athlete that enters this gym exceeds even their own expectations. They manage to surpass every goal that they set for themselves without feeling in constant competition with others. Bryan works constantly to improve his clients, which he sees as family. He is always looking for new improvements to bring into his gym, and every now and then spruces up the place with decoration. These decorations range from t-shirts given to him from former/current athletes, and white boards that hold random goals that people have conquered throughout their time at M.A.D.  This is my third year at Mills Athletic Development and I have made major strides in my athletic performance and health with the help of my family at this gym."

- Maddie R., High School Athlete

"We highly recommend Mills Athletic Development.  We first brought our son to Bryan because of an injury, but have stayed a client because of the personalized program that has kept Nick strong through his playing seasons.  We have seen an improvement in his speed, endurance and overall performance on the field.  Our family has recommended MAD to several friends and all have seen significant improvements for their children, both physically and mentally."  

- Chris D., Parent


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