About Coach Bryan Mills, CSCS

Bryan grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, as an avid baseball player on both his high school and local travel teams. He entered college with the intent of going into finance, however, his athletic roots kept him constantly interested in the movement patterns and rehabilitation ability of the human body.  He changed majors, began working in the fitness and wellness industry in 2000, and graduated from Kent State University just before earning his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from the NSCA in 2003.  Shortly thereafter, he moved to Louisville, Kentucky to coach with the University of Louisville Athletics Program.

Shortly after arriving in town, Bryan was hired at a local sports performance center as the Senior Sports Performance Coach.  While he thoroughly enjoyed the relationships he built with his athletes there, he began to see the issues associated with "blanket programming" and yearned for a teaching environment that would enable him to treat each individual athlete as just that- an individual. 

Bryan exited that center under a no-compete clause and took the opportunity to travel regionally, assisting in the development of the Strength and Conditioning program at a Division 1 university in Tennessee, as well as an MMA training gym, and a private strength and conditioning facility near his hometown of Cleveland.  After the development of those programs, as well as the expiration of his no-compete clause, he moved back to Louisville in early 2010 and chose to remain in the private sector of the industry.  Mills Athletic Development opened as, and has remained, the most referred-to Strength and Conditioning facility in the area.  

About Mills Athletic Development

Spring of 2010, our doors opened with 8 freshly graduated seniors ready not only to train here, but ready to help us become the best business we could be.  Even now- after years of being in business- over 70% of our membership can be traced back to that first group of athletes.  

We believe that it is the individualization of each program that keeps our clients as safe and satisfied as they can be in a training environment.  Every program is designed with past injuries, movement patterns and personal goals in mind.  As a client, each day, you will have a program written with a warm up that takes into consideration the parts of your body and your movement patterns that need more attention.  Your work-out will be tailored to the goals set by your coaches and/or doctors and yourself.  Any cardio will vary based on the remainder of your week, as well as any activity you perform on your own outside of our facility. 

It's a mantra of Coach Mills that nothing is written in stone.  It's his belief that the body does not differentiate between physical, mental or emotional stress.  Your body, then, does not know whether it was an overkill of distance running your volleyball coach prescribed or an all-night study session that has you feeling not up to par.  It's not uncommon that a client will come in feeling a little beat-up- either from their sports coach making them run several miles that morning, or from a heated meeting with their Board of Directors the day before- and see Coach Mills mark through several of their exercises, creating instead a better plan for that particular day, taking into consideration your current needs and stress levels. 

At Mills Athletic Development, our scheduling is kept as open as possible. While you may be training in a room with 5 other people, all of you may have arrived at different times, each of you will be on a different program- there is no necessity of making sure to arrive at 3:30 or 6pm on the nose.  Since there are no blanket programs, each client is free to take an extra 10 minutes to warm up, to grab a protein shake and a nap right after school, or to leave the office an hour early and come right in.

Likewise, the variance of types of clients on the floor has proved positive.  We have had our pro-football players spot our 8th grade girl soccer players, our 50-something moms check in with our college Freshmen, and our high-school senior baseball players encourage our middle-school baseball players before a tournament they had played in several years before.  The open scheduling that at first was simply a convenience to the parents of our young athletes has fostered an incredibly family-like environment that keeps our clients loyal not only to us, but to each other.


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